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Greek SEO expert services in Greece
SEO Greece: Greek SEO expert →

Christos Passas is a Greek SEO Expert that lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Visit his professional profile in Linkedin by clicking here: SEO Expert and learn more about the benefits of making an opening in the Greek internet marketplace.

Alternatevely you can visit his company profile at by clicking here: SEO - Προώθηση ιστοσελίδων


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Marco Werman talks with Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who helped jumpstart Egypt’s democratic revolution via a Facebook page that encouraged people to protest. Here, Marco asks Ghonim what he was doing a year ago today. We’ll have the rest of the conversation with Ghonim later in the broadcast.

Google SEO in Greece

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Google Panda: SEO Greece

Take action against the Google Panda effect by improving some major things in your website’s content and structure.

If your rankings dropped after Google Panda then you can apply some or all of the following:

Firstly you can start creating quality articles. The content of your website is always a must have feature because it helps with many instances of your online presence, from Social Media Marketing to SEO, to viral marketing and e-mail marketing effectiveness.

The second major thing to do is to freely link to quality sites and authority websites/content in your niche like the Search Engine Optimization guide that Google published a while ago.

Some times adding a video from Youtube or Vimeo really helps ranking high in serps. Don’t forget that videos can easily be shared to Facebook, to Twitter or any other social network and thus increase your “authority value” of your website/brand.

Do not use ads (Adwords etc) in the upper part of your web pages or any flash related content, trust me it is more than possible that it will hurt your rankings throughout 2012.

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Google SEO

Google SEO maybe starts to change for once more!

Ι’ve noticed (for a second time) a strange link addition in serps results page. While i was doing a search on Google Greece for “Pligg robots .txt” i came up with a link among the words of the description text of the first result…

I wanted to share this with you so I’ve made a small video that I’ve already published on my account on Vimeo.

Google SEO

You can watch it here on my SEO Greece channel.

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